How Much Credit Would I Get for Grid at Gamestop for Xbox 360?


The current trade in value of the game Grid at game stop is 6 dollars, although they usually run promotions monthly where if you trade in three video games you can get a new game free.
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1. Turn on your Xbox 360 and insert the Grid game disc into the disc tray. Wait for it to initialize, and then scroll to the "My Xbox" menu and press "A" to start
Does this item have another name?I checked all the
I believe an xbox 360 elite is 200 dollars a premium 150 dollars.
Probably like, $40. I would try to sell it to a friend or try Craigslist before eve considering Game Stop. Source(s) My friend got $30 for her whole Wii, and I got $30 for my nintendo
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As of March 2011, Gamestop offered a flat $40 or $65 in store credit to one patron in exchange for his Xbox. However, the exact value varies by store and depends ...
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If you are trading in your Xbox 360 game Madden 10 at a store like Gamestop you would be lucky to get a buck or two for it. They are selling used Xbox 360 and ...
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