How much did a Ford Mustang cost in 1960?


It was not possible to buy a Ford Mustang in 1960 because the model was not released until 1964. When it was released on April 17, 1964, a Ford Mustang cost $2,368, according to the Ford website.

One of the most desirable Mustangs over the years and still highly sought after today was the 1965 Mustang. The appeal of Mustangs was not their low cost but their cool aura and the amazing number of options that were available for purchase to customize the car. Although Ford originally forecast sales of 100,000 Mustangs within the first year of the car's release, within two years, the company had sold over 1 million Mustangs.

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If you're buying a 6 cylinder supreme, with leather, it will cost about $25,000, if you're looking for a V8, GT supreme, you will pay anywhere from $26,000-to over $30,000.
The Ford Mustang was not introduced until 1964 so there is no such thing as a
A used 2005 mustang costs between 10,000 and 20,000 now, so in 2015 it will probably cost between 8,000 and 15,000 dollars.
A red 2010 mustang costs about $26,000. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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