How Much Did a Ford Mustang Cost in 1960?


Ford Mustang, an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company cost US$2,368 in 1960, this was a two-door Ford Mustang hardtop. However the first Mustang was revealed in 1964 similar to the Ford Falcon. It was a sport like car with a long hood and short rear deck.
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The Ford Mustang was not introduced until 1964 so there is no such thing as a
It was priceless, considering it did not yet exist.
from 64-69 ford sold one million of joke! you could find a good driver for about $7500-$12 000. if you are in the market look for a convertable that will always hold it's
The 2010 Mustang GT Premium Coupe 2D would cost 30,995.00 the base model is 29,321.00 dollars.
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