How Much Did a House Cost in 1920?


The modern sense of the housing policy was introduced in the UK after 1919 when the central government began a movement to actively involve itself in the provision of housing for working-class people. Houses in 1920 cost no more than £500. This was due to low land costs, cheap money that was readily available and a low cost of materials.
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Things cost a lot less in the 1920's. A pound of bacon was $0.52, a pound of cheese was $0.38, and a head of cabbage was $0.02. You could even purchase a half gallon of milk for $0.33
it used to costs 4mil.
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According to my grade 10 history text book, a hair dryer cost about $11.50 in 1920. ...
In 1920 a good car cost about $265. and gasoline was .22 a gallon. At these prices, both car and gasoline went a long way. Oh how I wish those prices could come ...
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