How Much Did a Ticket on Concorde Cost?


Currently a Concorde ticket from London to New York cost £4,350 one-way returning on World Traveller and up to £8,292 for a return trip, both ways on Concorde, as Concorde’s 27-year history comes to an end.
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A return ticket on a scehdule Concorde flight will cost £2002
ny to paris $670
1. Allow enough lead time. For U.S. domestic and Canadian travel, ticket prices are often best at least 21 days in advance, but sometimes won't differ too much in cost if tickets
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In 2000, the price for a return ticket without the promotional fare was £6,819 pounds ($9,906 US). British Airways had an offer in late 2000. A return ticket aboard a Concorde flight cost £2,002 ($2,908 US) for a flight leaving December 30 or 31 and returning between January 1 to 4 2002.
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