How Much Did a Ticket on Concorde Cost?


Currently a Concorde ticket from London to New York cost £4,350 one-way returning on World Traveller and up to £8,292 for a return trip, both ways on Concorde, as Concorde’s 27-year history comes to an end.
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£690.50 or $735.60
Base Ticket The base ticket price in August 2009 begins at $79 for a one-day ticket, $156 for two days and $219 for three days. Every additional day after that adds an extra $4. These
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They cost $64.95 at the official website, but you can get them here: for $55 each.
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In 2000, the price for a return ticket without the promotional fare was £6,819 pounds ($9,906 US). British Airways had an offer in late 2000. A return ticket aboard a Concorde flight cost £2,002 ($2,908 US) for a flight leaving December 30 or 31 and returning between January 1 to 4 2002.
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