How Much Did Bread Cost in 1944?


A lot of people love bread. In 1944, a loaf of bread weighing 4 pounds would cost around 3 to 4 pence.
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10 cents.
In France, a little below 4€. The price of a 250g baguette is below 1€. Embed Quote
In circulated condition, their value will be based mainly on the si...
two cents
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The price of bread in 1944 costed approximately 9 cents, Car was about (£756.16) $1,220, Gasoline: 21 cents/gal, House was around(£ 5,331.3) $8,600,Milk was also approximately 62 cents/gal, Postage Stamp was at 3 cents and Stock Market was at 152,Average Annual Salary of(£1,611.8) $2,600 and Minimum Wage was 30 cents per hour.
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The bread cost isUSD 0.13 cents 1947 of which in the UK was 0.836820 pence. ...
Things were considerably cheaper in 1953. For example, a loaf of bread was $.16. A gallon of gasoline was $.29. You could buy a house for roughly $20,000. ...
In 1950, things were a lot cheaper like a car cost £1078.05, a house cost £8932.40, a loaf of bread cost 0.09 cents while milk cost 0.51 cents per ...
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