How Much Did Bread Cost in 1944?


A lot of people love bread. In 1944, a loaf of bread weighing 4 pounds would cost around 3 to 4 pence.
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10 cents.
In 1965 bread cost 21 cent a loaf. The price of a candy bar was 5 cents. Milk was 95 cents a gallon. Gas was 31 cents a gallon. Their wages were considerably less then too.
A newspaper in the 1940s cost 2-5
Around $25,000 USD.
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The price of bread in 1944 costed approximately 9 cents, Car was about (£756.16) $1,220, Gasoline: 21 cents/gal, House was around(£ 5,331.3) $8,600,Milk was also approximately 62 cents/gal, Postage Stamp was at 3 cents and Stock Market was at 152,Average Annual Salary of(£1,611.8) $2,600 and Minimum Wage was 30 cents per hour.
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The average loaf of white bread cost 12 cents in 1947. Market variations affected local and seasonal prices just as they do in 2014, but that number represented ...
Things were considerably cheaper in 1953. For example, a loaf of bread was $.16. A gallon of gasoline was $.29. You could buy a house for roughly $20,000. ...
In 1950, things were a lot cheaper like a car cost £1078.05, a house cost £8932.40, a loaf of bread cost 0.09 cents while milk cost 0.51 cents per ...
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