How Much Did Clothes Cost in 1940?


Clothes were very cheap in 1940's you could buy clothes for as little one cent up to a dollar, but back then you only made fifty-five cents and hour so it still seemed quite expensive.
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Clothes were affordable in the 1940's as compared to now. Men's suits cost $24.50 and up. Nylon hose cost a mere $.20! If you can believe it, a car would have cost $800!!
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A men suit in the 40's costed about 4.99.
If things cost the same as they did now as they did in 1940, we would all be millionaires. For instance, a brand new car cost $800, an average size house was $6,550, and gas was only
Clothing in 1940 men's shirt $3.70, men's pants $4.95, women's shirt $2.95,
1. Figure the cost of the physical space. This will largely depend on whether you buy or rent. Calculate the average costs for each in your area and compare them if you aren't sure
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A men suit in the 40's costed about 4.99. ...
In 1940 things were relatively cheap and inflation was very low. The average cost of a house was £0.5k while today the same house is more than £101.5k ...
During the 1940s, a gallon of gas was only 11 cents. By the end of 1949 gas reached 17 cents a gallon. In the 1940s it was also very inexpensive to purchase a ...
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