How Much Did Food Cost during the Great Depression?


Food during the Great Depression was very cheap, but what made things pretty bad for the people who lived during this time was that a lot of people did not have jobs. Unemployment went from 5 million people in 1930 to 13 million by the end of 1932. Even though food was relatively inexpensive, it was still hard for people to buy groceries because most people were without income. A dozen hot cross buns were only 16 cents, cabbage was cents per pound, and white bread was 8 cents per loaf.
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10 cents.
Milk which was sold in quarts was 14 cents a quart
i agree with the price that Thorn gave if not lower. Here are some prices for comparison.….
History tells us that the government did not spend enough to take the United States out of depression. President Roosevelt spent enough only after the world war 2. Some say he was
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