How Much Did Gas Cost in 2001?


In 2001, the cost of gas varied from place to place, just like it does every year. However, in 2001, the average gas price was $1.70 a gallon in the U.S. It could vary through from state to state, from 25 cents, more or less, per gallon.
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The cost of gasoline in the year 1989 was only $1.02. Today the cost of gas is $2.69 which is almost three times the cost of gas back in 1989.
Global comparison of price per gallon of gasoline (January 2001) this is from IAGS these prices are per gallon. UK. $5.05. Norway. $4.54. South Korea. $4.52. France. $4.28. Japan.
50s .19. 60s .30. 70s .75. 80s 1.20. 90s 1.85. You know the rest.
Your gas fireplace is rated by the amount of British Thermal Units, or BTUs, that it consumes per hour. To determine how much your gas fireplace costs to run, you need to find the
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In the summer of 2001, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded fuel was about $1.40. The high price that year was $1.66, in May, and the low was $1.04, in December. You can find more information here:
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