How Much Did It Cost to Build the GPS?


A Global Positioning Satellite System costs around twelve billion dollars to build. It costs around fifty million to launch it and another 750 million to maintain it every year..
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I saw that it was for about $1200 but have no sources to back that up.
Only Terminal 3 cost about USD 9 Billion ! Better estimates are here- GCC invests Dh150b in airport development. Enjoy!
Depending on the shape, purchase agreement, size, type of machine and location, the cost of wind turbines vary. Commercial wind turbines cost between $1 million and $2 million based
It started with $25 Million dollars in 1881 but as such projects tend to do it went a bit over budget and maybe not all the money spent went into the project as promised.
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The GPS, or global positioning system, was an expensive endeavor. According to Trimble, an innovator in GPS technology, the final cost of developing GPS was $12 billion. You can find more information here:
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