How much did the first light bulb cost?


The first commercially available light bulb cost $1 in 1881, which was three years after Thomas Edison developed the first practical incandescent light bulb. The Seattle Times reveals the $1 price in 1881 translates to $23 in 2013. By 1910, the cost of a light bulb dropped to 17 cents.

Edison created the Edison Electric Light Company in 1880 to market his new invention. By 1910, longer-lasting tungsten filaments made light bulbs cheaper. Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) saw similar declines in price from the 1980s to 2013. The first models in the mid-1980s each cost between $25 to $35 before going down in price to $1.74 apiece in 2013.

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Depending upon what type of bulb and the wattage of the bulb, it could cost upwards of $35.00 to run one light bulb for entire year. The year I speak of consists of 8,760 hrs and
I am not sure of the exact figure but it must of cost a lot, there weren't many lightbulbs in that time.
When Thomas Edison wound that first filament of
It is unknown how much the light bulb cost when it first came out. But it said that the cost of it is impractical for commercial use and people can't afford it.
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