How Much Did the Heaviest Baby Born Weigh?


As of January 22, 2013, the heaviest baby born had a weight of 23 pounds and eight ounces. The baby was born in the year 1879 in Ohio, United States. The baby lived for only a few hours after birth.
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Unbelievably 28 pounds, 4 ounces - a new world record. ouch!
I would say 19 pounds.
Cool Question, dude! According to the Guinness Book of Records the heaviest baby ever born weighed 29 lbs 4 oz. (29.25 lbs). (Historical Note: The birth occurred in Effing ham IL
Marilyn was at her heaviest ever starting in 1957 when she was on hiatus from moviemaking, thru 1958 because she also got pregnant untill the summer of 1961 when she lost some drastic
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