How Much Did the Scottish Parliament Cost?


The Scottish Parliament building cost £414m to build. Originally, the plan just required a budget of £50 but construction expenses soon ballooned to more than 8 times the original, making the building controversial. For more information see:
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It approximately cost £414 million to build the Scottish Parliament.
The Scottish Parliament opened on the 7th September 2004, three years late. The estimated final cost was £431 million.
The Scottish Parliament building is situated at the foot of the Cannongate (part of the Royal Mile) in Holyrood, Edinburgh. It is directly adjacent to The Palace of Holyrood House
Its where the devolved government of Scotland govern the country, is that not obvious?
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The total amount spent to build the Scottish Parliament building is £431 million. This is 11 times more than than the original budget of £40 million ...
Scottish Parliament costs the taxpayers about £72 million per year. About £23 million was spent on the 500 staff members of an average of £45,500 ...
The Scottish Parliament Building will be located in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. The building the Scottish Parliament occupies is of such a quality, ...
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