How Much Did Things Cost in 1924?


The cost of things in 1924 was relatively high. It was a period when much of Europe was experiencing hyperinflation. The price of food items such as bread, coffee and a gallon of milk were 12¢, 52¢ and 28¢ respectively.
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In 1950, the average cost of a house was $14,500, and a Ford car was between $1,339 and $2,262. A gallon of milk was only 82 cents. But keep in mind that the average income was only
Things did not cost much more than today, maybe about 30-40 cents difference.
In the early 80's, theatrical movies were released to the VHS format primarily as rentals. Hence, the retail price for most big studio films on VHS (such as Blade Runner) was in
The cost of the project was $24 million and was paid for by tolls which were removed Dec. 24, 1993.
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In 1950, things were a lot cheaper like a car cost £1078.05, a house cost £8932.40, a loaf of bread cost 0.09 cents while milk cost 0.51 cents per ...
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Things ended up costing a lot less in 1900. For example, a loaf of bread in 1900 would have ran about seven cents. A container of coffee only cost about 47 cents ...
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