How Much Did Things Cost in 1952?


In 1952 things cost much less. One gallon of gasoline cost $.20, a loaf of bread was $.16, a stamp cost $.03, and the average income was $3515 per year. Although things in the 50's, seemed to be less expensive than they are today, this is not necessarily true. The reason these items cost more in modern times is simply because of the rise in inflation and the cost of manufacturing.
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The price of things back in the 1930's was considerably less than now. Typically a house cost around $7,000. A gallon of gas would have cost $0.10.
The average cost of a new house in 1952 was $9.050.00. A gallon of gas cost 20
A first class letter cost three cents and a post car was a penny./
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What Things Cost in 1952
Average Prices in 1952
Car: $1,850
House: $17,000
Gas: $0.28
Bread: $0.16
Gallon of Milk: $0.96
Stamp: 3 cents
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