How Much Did Things Cost in 1964?


The cost of living in 1964 was far much cheaper compared to current times. The yearly Inflation Rate in the USA was 1.28% while in the UK it was 3.5%. The stock markets year end close for the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 874. The average income per year was $6,000.00 and a gallon of petrol fuel cost 30 cents.
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Prices seemed low in 1966, like a new house for just $14,200.00 and a gallon of gas for $0.32 cents. But, by comparison, the average yearly wage was just $6,900.00. New cars sold
Depends on which model Studebaker.
The 1964 and 1/2 Mustang had a suggested retail price of US $2,368.
The original Biltmore estate included 125,000 acres of land, all landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted, the famous designer of Central Park in New York City. The house alone is enormous
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What Things Cost in 1964
Average Prices in 1964
Car: $2,350
House: $20,500
Gas: $0.30
Bread: $0.21
Gallon of Milk: $1.06
Stamp: 4 cents
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In 1964, the cost of things was much lower as compared to their cost today. For instance, the price a loaf of bread was 0.15 pounds, the cost of a new car was ...
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