How Much Did Things Cost in 1973?


In 1970 the average new car cost around £2,000, while a gallon of gas went for 36 pence. Average House Price was £9,942 while the average cost of a flat was about £100.00 a month. Bread cost 0.27 pence, a gallon of Milk cost 0.80 pence while stamps cost 8 pence.
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i think it was like $0.80!!!!!! that is mad cheap compared to the prices now!!!!!!
In 1973,President was Richard M. Nixon.Life expectancy:71.4 years C...
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Just to throw out an estimate. A cow was probably worth around 1 man-year of work in ancient Greece. This translates to $40k in the US. So a hecatomb would be worth about $4M
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What Things Cost in 1973
Average Prices in 1973
Car: $4,052
House: $35,500
Gas: $0.39
Bread: $0.27
Gallon of Milk: $1.36
Stamp: 8 cents
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