How Much Did It Cost in 1974?


In 1974 the yearly inflation rate in UK rose up to 17.2%. The average house price was 10,990 pounds and a gallon of petrol cost 0.42 pounds. Coffee cost 22.7 pence, bananas cost 16.8 pence, bread cost 14p, milk (pasteurised) per pint cost 4.7 pence, pork sausages cost 41 pence, gas cooker £80.00, sewing machine £55.00, and refrigerator £80.00.
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What Things Cost in 1974
Average Prices in 1974
Car: $4,440
House: $38,900
Gas: $0.53
Bread: $0.28
Gallon of Milk: $1.39
Stamp: 10 cents
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Theres alot of things that cost different amounts, so you will need to get more specific about what you are wanting the cost of, pleses re-submit so the question can be answered properly
$1.57 per gallon. source:
Don't forget that wages were also 10 times less than they are today.I bought a car in 1974 , it was 18 months old and cost £1150, it was an Austin Maxi Highline, it was the
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The yearly inflation in 1974 was 17.2% in the UK. The average house price was £ 10,990 with a gallon of petrol priced at £ 0.42. ...
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