How Much Did Things Cost in the 1970's?


The 1970s in Britain was a time when many families were under financial pressure following the oil shocks. Nonetheless, the cost of commodities then cannot be compared to the present. For example, a loaf of bread cost 9p; properties were within the range of £4975 as compared to today's £140,000 while 20 cigarettes were sold at 20p. All in all life has not all changed for the worse with average life expectancy rising since the 1970s.
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Due to inflation, things were apparently cheaper in 1970 than now. If one had an equivalent of $100 in 1970, it's worth $517.65 now. In 1970 the average income per year was $9,350.00 and by 1979 it was $17,550.00. Inflation has made money lose value, that's why things were cheaper then.
In 1970’s, the cost of things was ludicrously cheap. The cost of living in the UK was approximately £4.9k. A loaf of bread at that time was approximately 9p and a bottle of whisky was £2.69.
A pack of cigarettes cost just 20pence in the 1970's compared to its £4.65 per pack price today. Even cars were cheaper then, with a Range Rover selling for only £1,998. See this article for more detail:
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In 1970 the average cost of things in the USA were, 36 cemts for a gallon of gas, 62 cemts for a dozen eggs, 6 cents for a first class stamp. The average cost for a new home was $26,600.00
First Class postage was 6 cents in 1970. It went to 8 cents in 1971 then to 10 cinets in 1974 and 13 cents in 1976 and to 15 cents in 1978. There were still other stamps available
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This question was fun for me to research, I was born in 1956. Of course I can't list everything. Here are a few examples: minimum wage $1.00 an hour, gas $.31 a gallon, average house
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How much things cost in 1970 is actually really interesting. An average house cost about $23,400 and the average car was about $3900. The cost of medium eggs was ...
In 1970 a gallon of gas in the US was 36 cents, a new car was $3,900, warm leather lined boots cost $39.99, and medium eggs cost 25 cents per dozen. Others include ...
In 1970, you would pay about $26,600. If you visit you can find many interesting things in the year of 1970 such as prices of cars, gas, a ...
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