How Much Do 0844 Calls Cost from a Landline?


When you make a call from a BT landline to a 0845 number it costs 2p per minute.
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Calling an 0843 or 0844 number has three cost components: 1. The "service charge" or "revenue share" or "premium" This varies from 1p/min to 5p/min depending
0844 xxx Y.... are charged between 0.5 and 5p , the exact rate is defined by the xxx Y You have to look them up at the OFCOM website. BT has to charge the rate listed, other companies
0845, 0844 & 0800 are freephone numbers from your BT landline, depending on which plan you're on.
As 0844 numbers are charged at only up to five pence at all times, certain ranges are charged at either 3, 4 or 5 pence. This is termed as low call rate as many callers do pay much
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Calls to an 0844 number costs 5p per minute at all times from a BT landline and may cost more with other networks. The rates remain the same no matter what time ...
The 0844 number can only be dialed from within UK and there would be no dialing fees until the call is attended. The calling can cost 5p per minute from a BT landline ...
The charge when calling 0844 numbers is different between landlines and cell phones. Landlines are charged 5pence per minute while cell phone charge depends on ...
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