How Much Do Actors Get Paid?

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Salary Profile for Actors
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $97,000 $143,000 $68,000
National $76,000 $112,000 $53,000
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The Equity minimum rate for theatre performers is set at 350 per week. Performers in London's West End are guaranteed a minimum salary per night of circa 450. However, minimum rates for television, film and radio work vary widely
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Even though Johnny Depp received $56 million for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Keanu Reeves is the overall winner with his salary and percentage of profits from the Matrix
Residuals are payments made to actors for the re-use of a production in which they have appeared. The actor's salary will cover the production's initial release, for example, when
Actors are paid based on their experience and the project. Some actors are paid a few thousand dollars per project while others are paid millions.
Chuck Norris and Jack Black.
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Generally, different actors will be paid differently depending on the project and their personal stature and abilities. According to the Screen Actors Guild, the ...
Shakespearean actors who performed at The Globe theater were paid anywhere from three shillings a week to two shillings a day. A few of the actors became part ...
It can be hard to answer the question about how much a professional actor gets paid for several reasons. In short, this person does make an annual salary as long ...
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