How Much do Aflac Agents Earn?


An Aflac Insurance Agent would earn about $45,500 a year. Keep in mind that a lot of this is commision based, so the number can be higher or lower. However that is the average salary of an Aflac Insurance Agent. You can find more information here:
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Aflac agents can earn a varible amount. The time you have experienced selling insurance and how good a sales person you are can be a deciding factor. Your earning potential can be determined by how determined you are to earn it!
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1. Obtain experience in the sales industry before you apply to become an Aflac agent. Because Aflac agents work as independent contractors rather than employees, aspiring Aflac agents
They sell supplemental insurance to core company medical and dental plans. Can be specific plans for cancer or Accidental Dismemberment and Disability, Short or Longterm Disability
A real estate agents earning varies. They are not paid an hourly wage. Their payments are based on a percentage of what the property has sold for. The sale of a commercial property
Since 95% of agent in all lines and with all companies wash out the first year, I'd say your figure is too high. Especially with a company that has limited sales opportunities. Source
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