How Much Do Archaeologists Make?


The average salary for an archaeologist with a degree and experience is around $45,000. A beginner will earn about $10 - $12 per hour. With a PHD and a lot of experience, you could earn from $80,000 to $100,000.
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An archaeologist is a person that studies ancient peoples, societies, and cultures. He does this by collecting and analyzing artifacts from the past. Sometimes, many artifacts are
The primary function of an archaeologist is to reconstruct a picture of a culture and learn as much about that culture as possible. This is done in many ways, such as gathering data
An archaeologist studies past human societies through the items made by those people, the environment they lived in, the things they built, and the foods they ate. Archaeology is
1. Read books on civilizations that may interest you. 2. Learn other languages. Archaeologists work around the world, so learning languages common in the parts of the world you want
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The salary of an archaeologist depends on the location, experience, employer, and education. The average salary for someone with years of experience and an advanced ...
Archaeologist's pay runs anywhere from 28,217 dollars to 70,419 dollars. Those archaeologist with under 4 years experience should expect to make less than 41,443 ...
The amount of money per year that archaeologists make depends on the level and education of the person. Average field workers start out at $10-12/hr. An Archaeologist ...
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