How Much Do AU Pairs Cost?


Hiring an Au pair will cost you ?55 in boarding and lodging costs. However, EEA nationals are allowed to work up to 35 hours per week as au pairs plus and will cost you (?80-85).
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1. Choose a Reputable Au Pair Agency: There are many au pair agencies out there but only 12 agencies are designated by the U.S. Department of State (DOS). Go to
If they do extra babysitting outside of their set hours, you'll need to give them extra pocket money. Bear in mind that an au pair will come with other expenses, as they will be staying
1. Learn your chosen language. The point of being an au pair is not to learn a new language, but to perfect one you have already studied and become confident with it. Before you go
Au Pair Clearinghouse is a consumer review website for parents who are considering au pairs for their childcare needs. We review all 13 au pair agencies in the United States and
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Au pairs cost between £60 and £100 per week. The pay is usually negotiated between the host and the au pair before an arrangement is made. See this article for more information:
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Au-Pairs should work for no more than 25 hours a week over 5 days, plus two evenings of babysitting. Au-Pairs get paid no less than 55 per week . ...
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