How Much Do Babysitters Charge?


Babysitting charges depend a lot on the babysitter's preference, the number of children, the children's ages and the amount of time the babysitter spends with them. Most babysitters will charge between ?3-?5 an hour before midnight. Others will charge ?8 an hour.
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Babysitters look after your children while you're away. Babysitters who are very young, have never babysat before, or are working as mother's helpers when a parent is still in the
Well, it all depends on how old you are, what experience you have, how many kids there are, how old the kids are and if you're expected to do any special jobs such as feeding the
5-10 dollars an hour depending on experience is the going rate for
I'm a nanny, and a frequent babysitter and I charge $10/hour. I think paying too little would be paying $5/hour, considering you do have a small child who will want attention. As
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Baby sitters can charge whatever fee they would like to get. They can charge by the hour or a flat rate. The amount of children you have and the length of time they are babysitting would figure in to how much they charge you.
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The amount of money a baby sitter should charge per hour would depend on different factors like the experience one has, and the number of children you are looking ...
The government set the National minimum wage of babysitters at £5.93 per hour. However, the hourly rate may vary depending on location, hours, number of ...
With more and more parents getting engrossed in their careers, the need for babysitters is on the rise. According to the childcare site, sitting rates are between ...
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