How Much Do Bin Men Get Paid?


Bin men get an average of £30,000 yearly salary. Other cities pay them higher and offer other benefits because of the health hazards of this job. See this article for more information:
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People in different occupations earn different amounts of salaries.In the UK, binmen earn about 20,000-30,000 in a year.
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A garbage man makes an average of $24,000 per year. In Chicago it can be $26,000 and New York City would be about $28,000. Salaries can vary by location.
how much do bin men get paid?
In between 15-20 %. Embed
When I was young the only people that got jobs emptying the bins were the failures but now there is a long waiting list as they are well paid and its hard to get a job with the council
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The film 12 Angry Men became available to the public in April of 1957. The total budget for this particular movie was 350,000 dollars for 21 days of work. ...
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