How Much Do BSN Nurses Make a Year?


The salary of BSN Nurses depends on the number of years of experience, location and specializations. A Renal/Dialysis Nurse can earn $65,538 yearly while a Pediatric Nurse can earn $40,000 yearly.
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The average salary for an RN BSN is $80,914. Salaries will vary depending on where you live. The average for Los Angeles is $90,431 and Houston has an average of $74,970.
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BSN stands for bachelor of science in nursing. A registered nurse (RN) can either have an associate's degree or can earn a BSN degree.
The letters BSN stand for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, meaning a person with a BSN has an undergraduate degree in nursing. Nurses who have BSNs are usually licensed as Registered
A BSN is not a nurse. It's a degree. Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Go to it's a good website.
Average salary of a nurse with a BSN degree in the state of IL is
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Speaking from experience, the average yearly salary for a registered nurse is around $47,000. This amount, of course, depends on the facility in which the nurse ...
BSN stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The average salary for a nurse with a BSN degree is $69,110. This amount can vary depending on location and ...
How much a nurse earns a year depends on their specialty and amount of training. Nurses who have completed a two year program are at the lower end of the scale ...
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