How Much Do Bus Drivers Get Paid?

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Salary Profile for Bus drivers
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $47,000 $61,000 $32,000
National $37,000 $48,000 $25,000
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The average bus drivers get paid is £23,951. Figure based on 65 respondents in the 2010 UK data survey suggest, this year the average salary for Bus Driver jobs is £15,670. Compared to 2009, this is a change of -53%.
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1. Obtain all the required state and federal licenses. A CDL license is required for most bus drivers. Investigate possible local regulations that bus drivers may need as well. Without
To become a bus driver, check with the agency that issues driver's licenses in your state. You will need a CDL or commercial driver's license.
Not much.
$30,323 is the median annual salary for school bus drivers in the U...'s-the-advrage-...
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The amount of money a bus driver will get paid depends on the company and it's location. For example, Greyhound bus pays it's hourly employees an average of $19.35 ...
Bus drivers get paid an average of £23, 951 per year in the United Kingdom. Some of the responsibilities of a driver are to inspect all the bus seat belts, ...
If you enjoy driving a car around and maybe enjoy talking to people, you could consider being a bus driver as a job. You would be able to get paid to drive, as ...
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