How much do camel cigarettes cost?


It depends on where you live to know how much a pack of camels cigarettes cost. In some states they will cost you anywhere between 3.50 to 4.50 a pack. You still have to be twenty one years old to buy them.
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Prices vary for a carton of Camel Cigarettes. Keep the questions
i worked in a chain of convenience stores in mass in 1992-93 and major brand cigs like camel were 2.19 a pack including tax. so they were probably a little cheaper in 1989.
A pack of Camel Crush's can cost between 4-8 dollars. Do you want review of the product?
Place where I work we sell it for £7.75. It's not a fast moving product, well in our case anyways. I hope this helps Source(s): Work in an off-license
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The average cost for a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes is $4.27. How much a pack costs will vary depending on a couple factors. These factors include area and how ...
The cost of a camel varies widely depending on its use. Camels that are intended for use as food cost around $1000. Racing camels cost a fortune, with some as ...
As of April 2012, a packet of 20 cigarettes in Egypt cost on average 1.6-2.00 Euros. This works out at £1.30 - £1.70 per pack. ...
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