How much do car rims cost?


The cost of car rims depends on different factors. It depends on if you want chrome rims, spinner rims, silver rims, black rims polished rims or machined rims. The size of the rims and manufacturer are also factors. The cost of rims varies from $30 a piece up to $1791! You can find out more information here:
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Having rims on your vehicle give it a stylist and attractive look. The cost of car rims will vary depending on the type and size rims. It will also depend on whether you are buying the rims and tires or just the rims alone. You can find more information here:
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It costs approximately $800 to dip rims in chrome. The process involves paint stripping your rims and a plating process to achieve chrome results. ...
That depends on where you go, if you can find one that is used and in good shape it can cost anywhere from 20-35 dollars. If you have to buy one out right it can ...
You can order a lift kit to get 24 inch rims on your Chevy Caprice. The lift kit will cost you around $90.00 as of 2012. ...
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