How Much Do Cashiers Make?


The amount of money that cashiers make depends on how long they have been at their job and where they work. The average hourly wage of a cashier is around $9.05 an hour, which is about $18,820 a year. Cashiers usually stand on their feet all day and ring up customer's purchases using a scanner. They handle credit card payments, cash, and checks. They may have other job duties including keeping the merchandise by their register neat and organized, and handling exchanges and refunds.
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Salary Profile for Cashiers
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $28,000 $31,000 $23,000
National $21,000 $24,000 $18,000
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A cashier is some one that works at a retail store and will ring up purchases that someone has made and tell them how much it has cost. They then will take the money given and make
1. Announce the total price for the item being purchased. For example, say "The total is two dollars and forty-eight cents. 2. State the payment amount provided. For example,
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People working behind a till in a store.
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in charlotte wage is $8.50. should be similar in Raleigh. I started at 7.75 in Raleigh and I had experience. ...
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