How Much Do Cigarettes Cost in Las Vegas?


The average cost of cigarettes in Las Vegas, Nevada is around $6.04 per pack in 2012, but that price can be a lot more depending on the brand you buy and where you buy the pack from. If you buy a pack of cigarettes at a casino, you can expect to pay around $10 for it. There are many types of discount smoke shops where you can get packs of cigarettes for a fairly inexpensive price.
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if you buy them on the strip they are $9.97pack. There is a CVS and Walgreen's close to New York New York and they are around $6.00 a pack. So I would advise you to take some with
A carton of Camel Lights would cost $28.50 in las
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The price of cigarettes in Las Vegas, Nevada depends on the brand of cigarettes and where you buy them from. A pack usually runs around $5.00. It is cheaper to ...
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