How Much Do Cigarettes Cost in North Carolina?


The price of cigarettes varies in different states across the US. In New York, a pack costs around $9 to $12. However, in North Carolina cigarettes cost around $6-8 per pack. There are price differences depending upon the choice of brand as well.
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Cost varies by location. Retailers in your local area do not have carton prices publicized. Golden Tobacco & Cigar PH: (910) 486-0900 at 4537 Raeford Road. report this answer.
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The cost of cigarettes in North Carolina right now is between and six to seven dollars for just 1 pack. This of course depends on the brand you prefer to smoke.
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Cigarette prices in North Carolina are often lower than in other states. This is largely because tobacco is widely produced in the state. As of January 2013, the ...
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The price of a carton of cigarettes varies by several factors. The cost depends on the location. The brand of cigarettes also effects the cost of a carton. ...
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