How Much Do Clouds Weigh?


The weight of a cloud is based on the water that is in the cloud. A cumulus cloud weighs about 550 tons while a big storm cloud weighs ten times more than that.
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What you are looking for is the weight of a cloud? Well scientist Peggy LeMone says that a little cumulus cloud weighs about the same as 100 elephants! A thunderstorm cloud is like
"The water in the little cloud weighs about 550 tons" They don't have the weight of a
A cloud is related to the water that it holds. A simple white puffy cloud can weigh up to 550 tons.
A cloud’s weight depends on its density and whether it includes ice, water or both. For low clouds such as stratus, one cubic kilometer (about 0.6 mile on each side) might weigh
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Different types of clouds are made of differing amounts of water. But if you were to consider the weight of a basic white fluffy cumulus cloud it has been calculated ...
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