How Much Do College Students Spend Annually?


On average college students spend about $13,000 annually as of 2013. College students earn around $757 from earnings, parents and other sources. The typical age for a college student is in their mid twenties.
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I would check out NACE for this information as they would be your best source. Embed Quote Via Jonas Sorheim.
About 7000 students attend Adelphi College. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students from several different campuses located in New York and New Jersey.
Tuition for full-time students during the
Some of the most-read content on this site have to do with topics that describe how an average student lives, whether it's how they spend their money, what their grades are, or how
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College students spend a lot of money in the before classes on coffee in the morning. Students can spend about $45 a week on coffee. That would amount up to about ...
It depends largely on where it is you are living as to how much you would spend on food as a college student. You can usually spend around $150 on food monthly. ...
How much a college student spends on groceries can vary widely based on location and if a student has access to a kitchen. An average would be between $100 and ...
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