How much do copies cost at Kinko's?


The price of copies at Kinko's, which is now called FedEx Office, varies depending on the location and type of copies that are needed. It is best to directly contact a FedEx Office location for pricing details.

FedEx Office offers a variety of copying and printing services. Copies are available in full color or black and white in sizes up to 11" x 17". Either self-service or full-service copying is available. Documents can also be uploaded directly to a printer from a USB flash drive. A variety of paper choices are available including card stock, resume and executive paper or color paper.

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Kinko's is a popular copying and printing store. Color copies can be done in a variety of sizes, so it depends on what size copy one is looking for. However, copies start from as
Kinkos doesn't post prices online, text your location for the phone number
1. Gather your data. You need to know the cost of copying one page of paper on a copier, the cost of one page of paper and the number of copies you need to make over a given time
at kinko's it's about 8 cents (plus tax) a page for both of those sizes. The price doesn't change if its single or double sided, you just use less paper if its double. Everywhere
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Color copies at FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinkos, vary in cost depending on the size of the print job. Generally, the regular cost can be in the eighty to ...
As of December 2012, the cost to print at Kinko's is $ 0.09 to $ 0.49. The Kinko's stores are located in different sites. One store is located at 1331 Pennsylvania ...
The price to laminate something at Kinkos varies by location, and the size of the item you want laminated. In some areas it costs more than other areas because ...
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