How much do curling stones cost?


At a curling specialty store in 2014, a single new competitive curling stone costs about $450. A single used stone runs about $295, while a set of used stones is around $4,000.

The sport of curling requires other equipment in addition to stones. When players are not tossing the stones, they need long brushes to sweep the ice. Using brushes reduces friction to allow the stone to travel farther. Replacement heads for the brushes are also available. Special curling shoes are worn by players, and sliders, antisliders or grippers are attached, depending on the players' needs. Gloves or mittens are worn because of the cold temperatures needed to keep the game going.

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Because of the particular rarity of Ailsite, costs for curling stones
1. Buy stones online. The United States Curling Association recommends Steve's Curling Supply as its preferred curling stone outfitter. (See Reference 2) 2. Look for curling clubs
Junior sized- 25 Ibs. Adult sized- 44 Ibs.
Curling stone cost about 190 pounds (about $350). Ask us again 24/7!
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