How Much Do Dallas Cheerleaders Get Paid?


The Dallas Cheerleaders are the cheerleading squad that represent the NFL football team the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders receive $50 per game. They also receive money from any promotional appearances they appear at or modeling sessions.
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The dallas cowboys cheerleaders ( America's sweethearts ) , Get paid $50.00 every home game but for outer games and appearances the pay will vary.
Being an NFL cheerleader is not a high paying career. Most cheerleaders make about $50.00 per game. It's worth it to most of them, though, because they use it as a stepping stone
Cheerleaders are paid $50.00 per home game. There is no pay schedule for rehearsals.
1. Meet the minimum requirements. To join the squad, you must be 18 years old and a high school graduate. You also must attend college or work. Finally, you must live in Dallas during
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The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are paid $50 for each game they participate in. They are not paid for practice or rehearsals. There are some sponsors that do help ...
Cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys make between $50 and $75 per game. Some of them are paid on a monthly basis instead and can earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 ...
Yes, Dallas Cheerleaders get paid. They make a game day salary of about $50 per game. They then receive money from personal appearances. ...
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