How Much Do Diamonds Cost?


A 0.5 carat with an excellent cut, clarity s12, and colour G costs £1,500. Four things affect the price of a diamond: First, is the weight of a diamond, which is measured in carats. (The bigger the stone, the rarer it is, therefore more expensive).Second, is how perfectly the diamond was cut which determines how well it sparkles! Third, is how clear and colourless the diamond is; diamonds that are tainted are much less valuable than perfectly clear ones. Fourth is clarity which refers to how many imperfections there are in a stone.  Diamonds are natural and therefore never perfect and most imperfections that would be carefully noted and graded by a gemmologist using a 10x magnifying loupe are invisible to the naked eye. A 0.5 carat with an excellent cut, clarity s12, and colour G costs £1,500.
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The price of a diamond depends on its weight, color, and clarity. Click the links below for price calculators.
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How much a diamond cost varies. The quality of the diamond determines the cost. The size of the diamond is also a factor in the cost of the diamond. ...
The price of diamond is affected by the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. For example, a good surface,round, 1.29 carat, black diamond costs £1,150. ...
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