How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge?


Many dog walkers will either charge for the service, or for the amount of time that the service is done for. In many cases, a dog walker will charge around $10 for fifteen minutes of walking the dog. If you are a dog walker, you can choose to charge a certain amount for walking the dog, and then charge for additional services such as feeding the dog, giving it medications, or cleaning up after the dog.
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Dog walkers provide a valuable service to busy pet owners, Factor in the time of day, duration, distance and frequency of the walk when negotiating your compensation. Other considerations
Dog walkers in Atlanta have a wide range of fee's, but a number of our customers charge between $16-$25 for private walks (30 minutes) and $15-$20 for group walks (1 hour). If you
about 7 dollars amile.
1. Make sure the owner of the dogs knows you well. You want him or she to be a neighbor and not a total stranger. Don't ask for the money, just say 'it doesn't really matters. Just
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