How Much Do Elephants Eat?


An elephant living in the wild will eat up to 300kgs a day of leaves and plants. A captive elephant will eat less and a slightly different diet of hay, carrots and bread.
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Well it is amazing how they eat 770 pounds a day you know theAfrica ones but i am not to sure about the Asia ones. if your looking for the answer to the Asia ones i suggest go on
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Elephants only eat plants. An African elephant will drink 42 gallons of water each day and eat between 440 to 660 lbs. of plants each day. An African elephant ...
Lions, tigers, hyenas and a wide variety of other species eat elephants. If an elephant is sick or injured it is prey to almost any carnivore willing to eat it. ...
Adult elephants have few, if any, natural predators. Several animals will eat baby elephants including spotted hyenas, leopards and lions. You can find more ...
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