How Much Do Foster Carers Get Paid?


Foster carers generally get paidÊon aÊweekly basis.ÊGenerally, as of 2012, the fee isÊ£400 per week for all ages of children.
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you get paid £2.00 and im not doing it for the money im doing for the children.
1,000,000$ per day. Why does it matter your doing a good deed, Isn't that better then whatever payment you receive. You shouldn't do the job for the money, your head is in the wrong
Understanding child development Understanding the effects of trauma on children Willingness to learn new skills Empathy for biological parents Good support network of family and friends
I thought most foster parents did it for the money! I don't see that the children walk away at 18 with much most of the time. No money ever put away for them. To me it is a rip off.
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