How Much does a Golf Cart Cost?


A golf cart can run anywhere from $500, used to $4500 new. Check your local newspapers for some great deals on used golf carts. Also, check with the pro shop at golf courses to see if they are selling any of their older models.
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dude it may vary from $4695 to $7899.just go thru proper study of market.
You can buy a used golf cart for $2000+ or you can buy a new golf cart for
1. Find a golf cart store in your area that also rents. Do a search online or use the phone book. 2. Decide if you want an electric or gas golf cart. Electric is best because they
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A golf cart can vary in cost depending on age and options. They can cost between 500 and several thousand dollars. They are often used for more than just golfing ...
Golf carts are very small vehicles that are originally designed to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course, or on desert trails with less effort ...
1. Find the make, model year, and manufacturer of your golf cart. Look up the cost of your golf cart new on the manufacturer's website. Even if you think you remember ...
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