How Much Do I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy?


An 8 to 16 week old German shepherd puppy should be fed 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food, three time a day. A pup which is 16 weeks to 6 months old should be fed up to 1 ½ cups of food, three times a day while an older pup should receive 2 ½ cups of food, two times a day. Puppies need a balanced diet with nutrients in larger proportions than adult dogs, due to their rapid growth rate.
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YO German Shepherds are a large breed dog. If fed a diet that is too rich for their stage of development they may develop panosteitis (wandering leg lameness, also known as growing
If you want to train a German Shepard puppy, then you will need to have patience and a lot of treats! German Shepards learn really easily. Remember to offer lots of praise!;…. Please - I have already told you in my last answer that it is VITAL that you carry on feeding whatever she is being fed on at the
1. Eat before your German shepherd puppy does and only allow it to do so once it has received your permission, to establish your dominance over the dog. German shepherds are inherently
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The German shepherd is a type of big-sized canine that stem from Germany. The word puppy means a young one of a dog. German shepherd puppies can be fed three to ...
Veterinaries suggest that one should feed their German shepherd puppy or dog a very high quality food such as Wysong all-natural pet food, or Solid Gold. If at ...
German shepherd puppies cost about 300 pounds in the UK. Prices may differ according to their age. To get more information about the cost, call or visit your local ...
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