How Much Do Ice Road Truckers Earn?


Ice road truckers earn around $40, 000 in at least 3 or 4 months. For experienced ice road drivers, the rewards and compensation can hit $100, 000 or more in a year. Ice road drivers earn high incomes but the risks involved in driving heavy truck loads over ice are also huge.
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1. Know what you are getting into. Familiarize yourself with the ice roads and its risks: temps dipping below negative 40 degrees, polar bears farther up North, and multi-ton and
As With All Reality Shows, Nobody Seems to Really Know. Here are some responses from WikiAnswers contributors: The 09 season stated that drivers make at least $120,000 and can earn
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The Ice Road Truckers work for 2 months during this time they can earn up to a whole years salary in just this short space of time transporting the necessary cargo ...
To become an Ice Road Trucker you must register with ice road tracking which offers an employment experience like no other, this is due to the fact you'll be your ...
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