How Much Do Ice Road Truckers Get Paid?


The Ice Road Truckers work for 2 months during this time they can earn up to a whole years salary in just this short space of time transporting the necessary cargo to the Canadian diamond mines. However it is not estimated how much they earn in a whole year.
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1. Know what you are getting into. Familiarize yourself with the ice roads and its risks: temps dipping below negative 40 degrees, polar bears farther up North, and multi-ton and
Hm - I would be very surprised if they are paid much beyond their regular job salaries as truckers. Original Productions (the company that produces Ice Road Truckers) has a long history
They make $8.50 per hour U.S.Yeah right, there is no way a certified diesel mechanic only makes $1.20 over minimum wage. I would say around $15-22 an hour depending on how long they
It is said that Ice road truckers can make up to $70,000 for a
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When a driver signs a contract with one of the ice truck loading companies,one can earn between $20,000-90,000. Due to the competition in this industry,some companies offer benefits to drivers such as medical and dental coverage,life,accident or injury insurance,guaranteed days off and performance incentive programs.
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Ice road truckers earn around $40, 000 in at least 3 or 4 months. For experienced ice road drivers, the rewards and compensation can hit $100, 000 or more in a ...
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