How Much Do Jurors Get Paid?


Different states and counties pay different amounts to their jurors. As of 2012, the average pay for a juror is forty dollars a day. This is if they are actually chosen to be a part of the jury, it is a long process when it comes to the actual choosing.
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Jurors do not get paid very much. This is basically supposed to be a public service or a duty of an American citizen it is not for the money but to keep our way of life as our forefathers
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Jurors make about $5-25 per day.
It depends on where you live. Each jurisdiction pays its jurors a different amount, but it is safe to assume that jurors are typically paid between $20 and $30 a day.
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How much jurors are paid depends on the jurisdiction. In some states they are paid about $12.00 a day. You won't get rich serving on a jury, but it can be a good ...
A juror might not get paid anything while serving on a jury in North Carolina. An employer cannot fire a person for having jury duty, but they do not have to pay ...
The state pays all jurors $50 per day starting with the sixth day of jury service and each subsequent day of jury service. If you are employed full time, your ...
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