How Much do Koi Fish Cost?


The price of a koi fish will depend on the size of the fish and also on the breed of the fish. Small koi that are a standard variety can sell as cheap as $4.00 while the same size fish in a more exotic variety can be $28.00. I have seen select Butterfly koi that were over two foot long selling for $3000.00.
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A koi fish is basically just a domesticated fish from the common carp that is widely known in Japan. They can be many different colors and designs and look similar to that of a goldfish
It all depends on the size and if you are including the cost of fish. Mine, not including fish, cost about $120 and it is 15x15x2 feet.
1. Prepare your pond or water garden to receive the koi fish. Koi can grow quite large, so a larger pond is ideal. The depth should be anywhere from 18 inches to several feet. Movement
1. Start by sketching the head. Start by sketching the head. To do so, draw a rounded triangle. Inside this shape, draw a circle. 2. Draw a long, slim oval coming off the upper right
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Cost? well it would cost around about $5 and $20. ...
Cost? well it would cost around about $5 and $20. ...
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