How Much Do Leopard Gekkos Sell for?


Leopard gecko prices can range anywhere from very low to very high, depending on what you're looking for. They are one of the cheapest pets, starting at $20 for a full grown adult. If you want a special breed, you can expect to pay as much as $200.
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A good slogan to sell leopard prints could be "The animals are
Well depends on the genetics really. You see I know many people who would rather have big females for breeding, and others who want a male for breeding. If its a nice genetic morph at the top click on classified ads. a lot of people look there and sell there, would do good with a picture of them, and age's and any information you can give.
Reptile prices are different in every state in the US. I've seen young normal leos online for $20.00. And most want young ones. You may be better off finding a good experienced
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Leopard geckos are yellow-coloured and they have black spots on them similar to the leopard. Leopard Geckos are nocturnal lizards and are native to the dry, rocky ...
As the G5 models cannot be updated to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) they will only have a limited appeal. You could expect to get between $500 and $600 for the ...
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