How Much Do Maltese Weigh?


Maltese is a breed of a dog that descends from Malta, Central of Mediterranean Area. They have rounded skull, with drop ears and a lot of hair that is long such that in some cases it hides its limbs. An adult Maltese weighs at around 2.3 to 5.4 kilograms.
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not much 4-8 pounds.
Maltese are quite small-at full size the largest Maltese may only weigh
It sounds like they were just trying to sell the dog. The general rule of thumb for toy breeds regarding guesstimating their adult size is to triple the weight at 8 wks, double the
Hi Joann, The American Kennel Club standard for Maltese says 7 pounds and under with 4 pounds to 6 pounds preferred. But most of the Maltese are overweight and weigh some 10 - 15
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Maltese weigh between 3 and 10 pounds on average. This depends on whether it is a male or female. A maltese is a little dog from the toy family. Their name was got from the nation of Malta.
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