How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Get Paid?


NBA cheerleaders do not make enough to live on. Most only make about $500 to $750 a season so they have to have a regular job to pay the bills. Some cheerleaders, depending on their experience and how long they've been with the team, may get a salary of $200 to $1,000 a month. To be a cheerleader, they have to love what they do. Teri Hatcher, from Desperate Housewives, used to be a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush which proves that being a cheerleader can lead to bigger and better things.
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You can say the LAKERS, or the CELTICS.
They make $50 per home game ($500) plus anything they do like appea...
I'm not a professional cheerleader, but I have known some, and they seem to be motivated by these things: 1. It's glamourous, like being a beauty queen or model. A status symbol
They get paid from the companies who sponsor the slam dunk competition like for example: Sprite gives money to the NBA for putting their name up on signs then the NBA gives the players
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